The son of a Methodist pastor and high school football coach, Greg grew up in the small rural communities of Kansas. His upbringing in America’s heartland fostered Greg’s values of love of God, family, and country. In 1995, Greg and his wife, Sheila, moved to Prescott where they raised nine children, five natural and four adopted, ranging in ages from 12 to 27 years old. Greg previously served as the President of the Governing Board of the Prescott Unified School District and for the past four years has served as Mayor of Prescott.

Management Style

Mayor Mengarelli’s management style of being transparent and keeping the public informed is reflected in his weekly live Facebook videos for the public. Greg’s success as mayor comes from his belief that one should:

Listen, Study, Act.

The best results come from listening to the concerns of others, studying the issue, and then implementing a solution. It is not fancy, but it works.


In just four short years, Mayor Mengarelli has listened, studied, and acted upon many major initiatives. Working together with the community and the city council, Greg has turned what were once dreams into a reality for our community. These include:

  • Agreement to acquire the Granite Dells/Point of Rocks
  • Funding first responders’ retirement benefits
  • Beautification of the downtown Granite Creek corridor
  • Bringing United Airlines regional jet service to Prescott
  • Building a modern, state-of-the-art airport terminal


Public Safety

Safe neighborhoods and streets are the foundation of a community’s quality of life. It is our first responders who provide this basic service. It is why I supported Prop 443 to fund our legal obligation to the retirement fund of the dedicated members of our police and fire departments. They have our back and we should always have theirs.

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There will always be growth. The key is to manage this growth by working with the community’s landowners and developers. Our agreement to acquire the Granite Dells/Point of Rocks and land for airport expansion is a perfect example of how we can work together with developers to have smart growth that benefits our community. With growth comes excellence in healthcare services and retail opportunities, as well as connecting to the world through convenient air travel.

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For years city leadership did not have an accurate inventory of the Prescott water portfolio. After I commissioned such a study, we have discovered that Prescott uses less than half of its state-allocated water and has more than enough water for its immediate and future needs. As a matter of fact, Prescott uses less water today than it did 20 years ago.

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Open Space

Like every other mayor in the last twenty years, I have been dedicated to acquiring more Open Space. As a result of these cumulative efforts, Prescott boasts of having 3 recreational lakes, 4 mini-parks, 12 parks, and over 100 miles of scenic trails. With the soon-to-be-completed acquisition of the Point of Rocks/Granite Dells, we will be adding more than 470 acres to our Open Space portfolio. After decades of effort, Prescott will finally own one of the iconic landmarks that define us as a community.


The Rule of Law is what separates our country from many others. We have laws that govern immigration and those laws should be upheld.  My great grandfather came to America more than 100 years ago—so I understand the benefit of immigration that conforms to our laws. If our Congress is unhappy with the immigration laws they should change them, otherwise they should be enforced.

Second Amendment

The Constitution guarantees the right for you to own and bear arms. As your Mayor, I will never support any ordinances that would infringe upon that right.



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